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Wrap Around Labeler

Fixed-Point Labeler


The advanced affinity man-machine interface system, easy operation, complete function, has the rich online help function

Unique bottle at three-point position, avoid to linear labeling machine labeling bottle is irregular, and the bottle is not caused by the error of vertical labeling skew, then it let labeling more accurate, beautiful, caresses

Automatic photoelectric detection, it has the function that nothing come from conveyor and no stick label and without label automatic correction or alarm automatic detection function, prevent leakage and waste

The machine structure is simple, compact, easy to operation and maintenance    


Model No.: SBXT-100

Labeling capacity: 20-100pcs/min

Labeling accuracy: ±0.5-1.0mm

Label size: (L) 20-300mm; (H)10-130mm

Material size: Φ40-Φ100mm; (H)30-200mm

Roll inner diamter:Φ76mm

Roll outer diameter: Max. Φ350mm

Dimension: (L)2000*(W)1050*(H)1600(mm)

Power Source: AC220V; 50Hz/60Hz; 1500W

Air Source: 0.4-0.6Mpa

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