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Vertical Vial high speed labeler

    The automatic high-speed vertical servo vial label applicator is composed of touch screen, PLC, Labeling system, conveying system, movable bracket etc. Equipped with bottle feeder (rotary table), it can automatic infeed vials and labeling on vials. The machine not only can work with user's existing production line to realize automatic production, but also can be used as a separated automatic labeling machine; Not only meet the needs of large-scale production in factories, but also meet the production needs of small batches such as laboratories or workshops. This is the machine with small footprint, strong functions and wide range of applications. The most advantage of this machine, under high speed labeling status, even if very small size label, it will not broke labels.
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Famous brand touch screen, PLC, motor, electrical components, etc. are used to ensure machine system can working stable in long-term. The touch screen interface is simple and intuitive, and the equipment can be used proficiently without professionals.

Universal stepless speed controller, with adjustable bottle separating speed

Labeling speed and conveying speed can be freely set on the touch screen

The maximum labeling speed can reach 480 bottles/minute, with fast labeling speed and high labeling accuracy.

Unique sending label in advance design, it can realize high-speed labeling and continuous labeling of labels without label broken, especially for small size of labels.

It is equipped with an automatic label receiving system driven by a motor to keep pace with the labeling speed, so that the label receiving is stable and continuous.

Spoke rotary roller around bottle body, the label is flat without wrinkles, and the label is more firmly attached on bottles

The labeling system with adjustable support frame base, easy to adjust the height and tilt angle of the labeling machine head.

Automatic optical fiber detection, with the functions of no labeling, no label automatic correction or alarm to prevent missing labeling and label waste

Auto bottle feeder or collect table for option, equipped with automatic bottle feeder can high speed infeed bottles to labeling station, and the end can also be equipped with a collection rotary table to facilitate the collection, sorting and packaging of finished products

High-speed code printer for option, online printing of production date and batch number, reducing back-end processes and improving efficiency

Visual detection system can be optionally configured to automatically detect whether there is abnormal coding and no label or not

It is mainly made of stainless steel 304 wire drawing treatment and sandblasted aluminum alloy, which is easy to clean and sterilize without sanitary dead space

Labeling Process: Bottle feeder infeed bottles to conveyor of machine, bottle separating device auto separate the distance of two bottles, fiber sensor find bottle will auto labeling on bottle, finished products output.



It is suitable for suitable for self-adhesive labels automatic labeling on products in pharmaceutical, food, daily chemical and other industries.

It is suitable for whole circle labeling or semicircle labeling on various circular objects



Model No.


Production Capacity

40-480BPM (depend on object and label size)

Labeling Accuracy

±0.5-1.0mm (Vial and label error not included)

Suitable for Label size

Length 10-280mm; Height 10-100mm

Suitable for vial size

φ10-70mm; Height 40-120mm

Label Roll Inner Size


Label Roll Outer Size




Power Source

AC220V;50Hz;1P; 2kw

Control Mode

7” Touch Screen + PLC

Main Material

SUS304 & sandblasted aluminum alloy

Bottle feeder

For option

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