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Vertical Round Bottle Labeler

    Vertical Round Bottle Labeler is suitable for all kinds of round bottles self-adhesive sticker labeling.
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Touch Screen operation system, easy to operate, multi-functions with online help function

Structure designed simple, smart, easy to maintenance

Use famous brand motor driven, label supply stable and reliable

PLC control system, the whole machine work stable with high speed

Common diverter is suitable for different diameter of bottles, fast adjustment and locked location

Labeling speed, convey speed, diverter speed can be adjusted.

Use resilience cotton belt ensure labeling smooth, no fold, improved labeling quality

Photoswitch inspection to ensure no bottle, no labeling; no label, autocorrection and alarm

Coding Machine for option, it can print date, lot No. online.  


Model No.: SBXT-2510

Labeling Speed: 40-150pcs/min.

Labeling Accuracy: ±1.0mm (Label size and bottle size not included)

Label Size: Length: 20-280mm; Height: 30-140mm

Bottle Size: Outerφ40-φ100mm; Height: 40-300mm

Inner Diameter of Label: 76mm

Outer Diameter of Label: Max. 350mm

Dimension: 2000X850X1450MM

Power Source: AC220V;50HZ/60Hz; 1.5kw

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