Top Surface Labeler

Plane labeler


It used for pasting self-adhesive sticker on the upper-planes of the productions which are from food,daily use chemical,medical,stationery and other industries.

Wide application range that it could be used to paste adhesive sticker on the planes of objects with a width of 30-200mm or label them,as wellas those which have uneven surfaces with the label-pressing mechanismbeing changed.

Strong and durable with the use of three-level adjustment mechanism which makes full use of the stability of the triangle;easy and time saving to replace different objects.

Intelligent control and automatic photoelectric tracking with functions of canceling labeling work without objects there,auto correction without labels to use and automatic check for labels to avoid omitting or wasting labels.


Model No.: PM-100

Labeling Speed: 30-120pcs/min

Labeling Accuracy: 1mm(Material and label size are not counted in)

Label Size: (L)20-300mm  (H)20-140mm

Material Size : (L)20-300mm (W)20-200mm (H)15-200mm

Roll Inside Diameter:  Dia76mm

Roll Outside Diameter: Max Dia350mm

Machine Size:  2000*650*1600mm

Power Supply:  AC220V, 50HZ/60HZ, 1P,  1200W

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